Legacy Thruster OA

Legacy Thruster OA

by Breg

The Legacy Thruster is a small, lightweight single-upright brace with the hinge on the affected side of the knee. This design creates relief by pulling the straps to open the joint space versus pushing against the opposite side of the knee. This design addresses OA conditions only, not associated with ligament instability.


  • Low-profile frame

  • Dial allows incremental force adjustments

  • Hinge is on involved side of knee, pulling vs. pushing to help relieve the symptoms of OA

  • Unloads in a 4-point load system

  • Distal calf section flexes with the muscles of the leg

  • Up to 22° of correction can be applied

  • For moderate to severe OA patients who require the brace for all-day use correction

Product Details:

Body Part

Additional information:

Base L Code
Additional L Codes
2810, 2820, 2830
Combined Stability
Available in Custom

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