FREEDOM® Soft Foot Drop Brace

FREEDOM® Soft Foot Drop Brace

by Alimed

Ordinary drop foot braces are made of hard plastic, molded into shape. The posterior extension runs up the knee, while the leading edge is inserted into the shoe. For this type of foot drop brace to be effective, a sturdy shoe is required. This kind of foot drop brace does not work with loose fitting shoes or most loafers.

FREEDOM® Soft Foot Drop Brace is 100% self contained and can be worn without shoes! Our foot drop brace is made entirely from the thinnest neoprene available, FREEDOM® Foot Drop Brace relies on elastic strapping to maintain the position of the foot and to help prevent plantar flexion. The result is a foot drop brace that is just as effective worn bare foot as a conventional hard brace and shoe.

This elastic foot drop brace conforms beautifully to the ankle and calf. Worn under stockings, the brace is practically invisible.

The FREEDOM Foot Drop Brace is ideal for hyper-mobile and post-polio afflictions and includes a semi-rigid plantar footplate, which helps maintain the arch and provides a stable support surface.


  • 100% self-contained foot drop brace

  • Can be worn without shoes!

  • Made entirely from the thinnest neoprene available

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