by Blatchford

AvalonK2 is a hydraulic ankle that has been designed specifically for the complex needs of limited community ambulators. Through a combination of award-winning hydraulic ankle technology and a unique optimised keel, Blatchford has created a prosthesis that works with the user to enhance confidence, independence and safety.
Enhancing walking confidence by hydraulically adjusting to inclines and self-aligning to secure the knee joint, AvalonK2 encourages good posture and joint position. This improves stability, helping to prevent falls and increases balanced limb loading to provide the best performance for limited community ambulators.


  • Hydraulic ankle technology designed to replicate natural motion

  • Optimised keel shape enhances walking stability

  • Plantarflexion compliance when descending slopes

  • Increased range of motion to enable greater sit-stand transfer safety

  • Increased shock absorption, reduction in interface pressures

  • Remains dorsiflexed for increased toe clearance in swing phase

  • Waterproof

  • Sandal Toe Foot Shell

Product Details:

22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
Product Weight
29 oz
Weight Limit
330 lbs
Activity Level
Mounting Type
Hydraulic Ankle, K2

Additional information:

Trial Period
60 days
24 months
L Code
L5968, L5972
Sandal Toe

For more information visit https://www.blatchfordus.com

360 product photography created with Arqball Spin technology visit www.arqspin.com for details.

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