Care Manuals

Suspension Sleeve Systems

Donning How-To

  1. Apply cream to residual limb. Use generous amount to ensure that the leg is slippery.
  2. Pull on or roll on the Gel liner.
       •  Make sure there is no air between the bottom of the leg and the liner by pushing the bottom of the liner as you pull the liner up.
       •  Add any socks that you may need for a proper fit.
       •  Feel the bottom of the sock to ensure that the sock is tight against the liner.
  3. While sitting, put your leg into the prosthesis half-way.
  4. Stand on the leg (or push on your knee) until you feel like you have touched the bottom of the leg. Check for the proper amount of socks at this time.
  5. Pull up the suspension sleeve at this time. If you are able to do this while standing it will ensure the best suspension. If you are unable to pull the sleeve on standing, than sit down keep the leg in front of you with some weight on the prosthesis and pull the sleeve up.
  6. The suspension sleeve should be in direct contact with 3-4 inches of the skin to ensure proper suspension.

Doffing How-To

  1. To get out of the prosthesis sit down, roll down the suspension sleeve half-way down the prosthesis.

  2. Pull your leg out of the prosthesis.

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